Thursday, March 09, 2006

87 and counting

I talked to my grandmother this morning! That may not seem like a big deal, but it always has been because you have to get up early. She lives in England, and if I don't call her in the mornings, by the time I remember that I was going to call her it's too late for her.

So my alarm went off at 4am. I got a cup of coffee inside and dialed. She sounds very chipper and we chat about family, my job, the house search, and what we're doing the one we're already in. Towards the end of the call, I remember that I originally called to wish her a happy birthday, which delights her as I think this may be the first year I've gotten the day right! Most of my life I thought her birthday was in April and her mother was in March. Turns out I got it backwards. Then it took me a while to get the day. But I'm finally here on the right day in the right month wishing her a happy birthday on her 87th birthday. I'm glad I got it right before she disappears.

Ironically, I will be picking up another 87 year-old at the airport today. My husband's aunt is coming for a visit. I've met her once, but we talk on the phone and email quite a bit. I am ashamed that I don't have as much contact with my own grandmother.

But she doesn't have a computer and the phone calls add up. She was my first pen pal and remains my first letter when I sit down to write letters - which hasn't happened in a couple of years. I'm getting back in the habit of writing. There is no excuse for not writing... it is something I love doing but for some reason haven't done in a while. My grandfather is having a birthday later on this month. I will call him too, but between now and then, I think I will sit down and write to him, to her, and to all the other people I really should keep in touch with.

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