Sunday, March 19, 2006

Drama... once removed

I almost never complain about nothing happening in my life. The Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times" really can be one. The interesting times that are referred to rarely mean anything good...

I called my parents because I hadn't talked to them in a while and - bam!!!! - interesting times. My father has had bronchitis and it got so bad that he finally went to the doctor to get it checked. During his visit, the doc went over some previous tests that were run and discovered that my dad had dangerously low oxygenation in his blood. Emergency enough that they sent him home with an oxygen tank to sleep with every night for the rest of his life. He's suffered from sleep apnea for several years and it has gotten to this dangerous point. One morning, my mother might have found him dead in bed if he hadn't gone to have his bronchitis looked after. The bronchitis is still there, but my mother says that after the first night with the tank, my dad woke up a different man.

Interesting times.

I am asleep in bed this morning when the phone rings at 6am. This is rarely a good thing, and today proves to be no exception. My stepson has been in an accident and is at the hospital. My husband says to me, before he leaves, that it was a head-on collision, no seat belt. No further information, except that he's gone to get our granddaughter from the hospital and is bringing her back here. Of course, I am wide awake as soon as the door closes and the worry begins in earnest. They finally return. Stepson's leg is NOT broken but severely bruised and he has 10 staples in his head. The car, their only car, is totalled. Now that he's safe and among the living, his wife is seriously pissed off. They have a rental car for the time being, but will have to do something about another car soon. This accident was the sum of several unfortunate events that all came together at once. A few drinks, driving too fast, no seatbelt, and a car (the other guys) failing to stop at a stop sign. Sheer luck and possibly his grandmother/angel sitting on his shoulder kept him among the living and not even terribly injured.

Interesting times.

I wonder who I pissed off?

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