Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ladies don't sweat

Or perspire... or even glow, anymore.

Getting older has some odd symptoms. One of mine is that anti-perspirant causes me to have sebaceous cysts under my arms. Yuck. So the doctor told me to use only deoderant and to use antibacterial soap. Guess what? If you go to a "normal" store, you can't buy women's deoderant. ALL of them say anti-persperant/deoderant. I've tried using men's (they get LOTS of brands of deoderant-only), but something about the fragrances they use made me break out in a rash. Finally, today, I found deoderant... and just in time for summer. It was on the bottom shelf with only three other bottles. I'm trying two of them. One is the "Naturally Fresh Deoderant Crystal" and the other is "Tom's of Maine Natural Deoderant Stick". Neither one is gender-specific.

I shall proudly "glow" this summer, but hopefully not stink.


Alice in Wonderbread said...

Toms is good stuff, so I've heard from a vegan activist told me at university.

Sayre said...

The crystal (which I tried this morning) seems to be working well. Normally by now I'd be getting a bit sniffy - especially with the amount of walking I did today. I shall try out Tom's tomorrow.

I don't object to sweating, but I do not want to smell bad!