Friday, March 03, 2006

Long lost voice

I reached out to touch someone tonight. It wasn't my original intention, but being stymied by my attempts to call my in-laws and getting no answer, eventually another number came out of my fingertips.

This number belonged to my cousin. We live in the same town, grew up close as sisters, and yet... it's been over a year since I've talked to her. I wasn't even sure if she still lived here with her family. But the click happened immediately. Her 11 year-old daughter answered the phone and I asked for her mother. When she came on the line, I didn't identify myself - I asked how old that child was NOW? 11 going on 48 came the laughing answer. She knew it was me.

We spent some time catching up: She's working full time, going to school, treasurer of the soccer club, carting kids to practices and going out of town with the team a couple of times a month. She's gained her weight back, but is still not smoking or drinking (who's go the time for that these days???). Her mom quit smoking and has substituted popsicles for smokes but is still skinny as a rail. She doesn't get to see her dad much.

I caught her up on my family: nephew owns a car now, brothers living together, parents getting on but with a hitch here and there, my son growing and I don't know when he had a bath last (luckily, he's in the tub now so I can restart the clock). Working on moving to town.

I told her a little about my own health stuff and since we work very close together, decided to get together for lunch next week and see what we could do about setting up a walking schedule during lunchtimes.

I'm so glad my fingers called her. I miss her. We've been good friends for so long, but between dating/husbands/kids/jobs - we just lost touch with each other. But as with so many things that are meant to be, we fell right back into the same conversation we'd been having years ago the last time we talked. It's like the time never passed by.

And as strange as it sounds - I need a friend. I mean, I have friends, but my "best friend" is still a smoker and I feel sick when I spend too much time with her. The others are mostly work friends. I need one that is looking for the same kind of healthy life I'm looking for... who's not associated with my job. My cousin is perfect.

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