Monday, March 06, 2006

They want my blood...

Driving to work, I hear it on the radio - the shortage of blood at the blood bank is so severe that all non-emergency surgery is being postponed. Wow! And they finally need MY kind (A+). So Saturday morning, I drove to the blood bank, did all the intake paperwork (I donate semi-regularly, so they know me), and went to get my blood pressure and bloodwork done. Turns out that I was slightly anemic - so they turned me down! That has NEVER happened to me before. My diet hasn't changed much, I haven't lost any blood - it's just low. I wonder if these new-ish drugs are doing something there. I need to check that out with my doctor.

So she tells me to eat a steak and some leafy greens and come back in a few days. They really are desperate.

I think the thing that spurred me to go to donate was my father-in-law. He just had back surgery (non-emergency). He has been a quarrelsome SOB for quite a while now - mostly because he's in so much pain. When I went to see him after the surgery, I was shocked! He was actually standing up straight. He was pleasant to talk to. He wasn't yelling at anyone and he wasn't drinking. His non-emergency surgery worked a miracle. Believe me, if I can spare anyone else the headaches of dealing with a loved one in pain, I will. Hopefully, I'll be able to donate later this week.

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