Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tro Woman

My son and I went to the corner store for breakfast this morning. They have a little kitchen there with an older black woman who makes a pretty darned good Southern breakfast. I got the Jumbo breakfast (3 eggs, two meats, grits, biscuit), which we then split. He chose the last table by the window so he could watch what was going on outside.

There was an ambulance there with a man inside needing attention but refusing to go to the hospital. Blood pressure problem from what we could gather from listening to the checkout girls talk.

Then this little sports car came zooming up and parked right next to my little ho-hum Focus. It really wasn't that flashy, and it needed a paint job from where the sun had destroyed the paint on the roof. I'd never seen one before. It was made by Toyota, but I couldn't figure out what model it was. My son noticed that on the back was a decal that looked like it said "TRO". The driver still hadn't gotten out so we looked at the car some more.

Finally, the door opened and this... woman got out. She looked like a professional redneck... something. It's hard to describe. Big flowsy hair, no makeup, cotton top with spagetti straps, thin skirt (to her knees, at least) and those roman sandals that wrap around your leg and make you look like you're into bondage when you take them off.

My son was all excited... "Mom! Look! We should go tell Tro Woman how much we like her car!" I would have let him, but Tro Woman looked like she was in a hurry (in spite of sitting in her car for several minutes on arriving) and might possibly be the kind of woman who would put her cigarette out on my son's forehead if he slowed her down. I told him that she looked like she was in a rush, so we settled back down to eyeball the car until she got back in it and took off. After crossing the highway, she zipped onto the next road so smoothly she looked like butter in a hot skillet.

Nice car.


Alice in Wonderbread said...

Classic peice of americana, Sarye.
I'm so glad you're writing - I find myself checking here daily to see what you caught next.

Sayre said...

My mom thinks I should print this stuff out and put it in a book for myself because it's sort of diary-like. What Zach's doing and thinking and what's going on around us... It's become a habit a lot faster than I thought it would!

Tonight I write about lunch at school!