Saturday, April 29, 2006


Happy birthday and Happy Anniversary. Now cover your ears while I scream....

I knew this party was not a great idea, but trying to get ready with two kids running around like maniacs does not help the situation one bit. Add to the fact that if you turn your back for a second, they really misbehave... Both kids got a wap on the butt and a long time out. They had turned the laundry basket upside down on the kitten and were pushing it around the livingroom as fast as they could. I asked them how they would feel if I tied them to the car and made them run as fast as they could behind it while I floored it. Same difference. That and a nice long timeout made lightbulbs go off.

Question.... how long does it take anti-anxiety medication to kick in? Answer: One to one and a half hours. Feeling a little better now.

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Alice in Wonderbread said...

poor kitty. good on you for making sure they understood. poor kitty... :(