Saturday, April 15, 2006

Co-workers Beware!

This struck me as so funny - for lots of reasons.

Let me introduce my desk. Two coffee cups, a few stacks of video tape, highlighters, scissors, tons of miscellaneous bits of paper, computer, telephone, glasses and..... a gun?

During this legislative session, Florida lawmakers are mulling over a "Take Your Gun to Work" law. More specifically, whether or not you can have a gun in your car in the parking lot at work, but it has been nicknamed with the take-your-gun-to-work moniker. When I walked back into my office and saw it there, my mind said, "I don't think this is what they had in mind for this law."

Reason for the gun? Well, it's not a real gun, first of all. It belongs to Z-man. He gave it to his daddy to give to me for when I pick him up from school. So my lovely man brought it to me. My son does this quite often. My husband and I work together and sometimes I think that this is Z-man's way of making sure we see each other at work: he gives me (the morning school driver) some item to give to daddy so that daddy can bring it when he comes to pick up from school. The process reverses if daddy takes him to school and mommy picks him up.

On this particular day, I was wrestling with a programming problem (our programmer had put a 1 1/2 hour program in a 1-hour slot, thus promoting the belief that I can bend time) when my husband walked in and announced, "I have a gun for you!" I said thank you, put it to my temple and pulled the trigger (I knew this gun was a play gun). My husband asks, "Rough day?"


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Alice in Wonderbread said...

Z-man is THE man. :) What a smart kid.