Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter, baby!

Z-man went to spend Easter-eve and Easter day with his grandma and grandpa out at Red Dragon Farm. He is finally old enough to do this without it being a big problem (I wanna go home; I'm scared; I want something else to eat).

He called me early this afternoon to tell me not to hurry to come pick him up. Since I was in the midst of sanding walls and vacumming up the mess, I took him at his word. Since my husband was coming home from work around 6pm, and it's an hour drive each way to my parents, I couldn't leave picking him up too late, though. When I got there, he was hiding from me. He's a terrible hide-r.... he always laughs and gives himself away. I found him in a thicket of sweet shrub. He'd hacked himself a little tunnel into it and was hiding there. Actually, if you didn't know he was there, you wouldn't have known he was there.

He came out finally, but was only wearing socks on his feet - which were now full of tiny stickers. He sat on the back steps to take off his socks and pull the little splinters out of his feet.

I was going to throw the socks away, but my Mom took them and very patiently plucked all the little stickers out.

These are Z's wrists. He showed them to me and with a big grin, asked me to guess what it was. Since he was grinning, I had to assume that it wasn't torture of some sort. No big cigar burns or hot coals. Looked a little like poison ivy, but he wasn't scratching and seemed too pleased with them. Finally, I had to ask. RUG BURNS! "On your wrists?" I asked. How on earth had he managed that? My mind just couldn't picture it. Then he told me.... apparently the church has a pole covered in carpet. He did what all little kids do when faced with a pole... he hooked his arm around it and started twirling around the thing and viola! - rug burns on his wrists.

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