Monday, April 03, 2006

Goofy stuff

A sign in Havana: Clarey's Funeral Home (with a sign beneath it which says "Don't Miss This Sale!"

Zach bonked himself on top of the head while attempting to put on his baseball helmet in the car. I told him I thought it was okay since I thought his soft spot had filled in. He asked me what a softspot was, so I told him. He reached up and felt the top of his head, then said "Well... I can't feel my brain!"

Brother Matt was rollerblading and Zach and I were riding our bikes along with him. Zach had his helmet's chin strap across the top of his chin, pretending it was a radio to talk to Matt with. Matt got far enough ahead of us that he couldn't hear Zach talking to him. I told Zach that Matt was out of range. Zach said, "Out of range??? He's on another planet!"

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Alice in Wonderbread said...

Gotta love the insight of a loveable precocious prodigy like Z-man. :)