Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Z-man's birthday is Saturday. He will be 7 years old. Our anniversary is Saturday. We will have been married for 11 years. The best anniverary present I ever got was Z-man. I tried to have him the day before, but couldn't schedule it, so we have to share our special days. That's okay... I can't think of any two guys I'd rather share April 29th with than my husband and my son.

Z wants an actual party, though. So we have a little dilemma. The house is pretty much upside down right now with sorting of belongings and beginnings of renovations for selling next month. The kids he wants to invite are from his school, where he WON'T be going next year, so pretty much this will be it for partying with them.

Guess we'll party on Saturday. Little cookout, cake, ice cream, a couple of games and everyone leave. That's about as much as we can handle right now.

What Z wants for his birthday? The $50 Lego set with the Bounty Hunter's ship (Star Wars), and a costume (see below). That's all he wants... because the scooter is a lock, right Mom? Oh, and one more thing...

Mm-hmmm... this could go on for days.

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Alice in Wonderbread said...

Happy Birthday Z-man from your friend in Washington! I remember my 7 year old b-day. I broke my arm the day before it and my witch of a teacher thought I was faking and made me use the arm all day. So to make up my mom let me eat onion rings and hot cocoa for dinner, and then I got to stay home and hang streamers.

My mom made homemade pizza and we played lots of games. My mom didn't tell me at the time, but she burned herself really badly on the oven pulling out the pizza. Now, almost thirty years later, she still has the scar.

Go easy on Mom okay? And only invite the friends that make you feel good inside!