Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My son is on spring break this week. We've kept him pretty busy but he gets bored with us, so we invited his best friend Will to spend the night. Lots of outside running around with pretend sword battles (the pool brusht and the cardboard tube). Also lots of in-his-room playing. Believe it or not, the second picture is his room relatively clean. The after looks like a tornado hit it. I told him to keep a path clear so he could get out of his room if we had a fire.

Fire is a big incentive for him. He's terrified of it in any form. Fireplace, grill, birthday candles.... I don't know what they taught him about fire at school, but it made a HUGE impression. He didn't used to be like this...

I'm getting a little tired of spring break too. I WANT to go back to work in my office rather than work from home. While at work I have co-workers as a distraction, at home I have HIM. I don't have to worry if my co-workers are in danger of cutting off fingers or falling off something. Believe me, Zach is much more distracting to have around. I'm responsible for him.

As tough as spring break is, summer is that much harder. Luckily we have several good day camps being offered around here. I'm a member at two of the museums that are holding them, so we get a reduced rate for camp. I can only afford (well, mostly afford) 5 weeks this summer, so the rest of the time will be spent working - you guessed it - at home. Talk about a long hot summer.

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Alice in Wonderbread said...

Suggestion: Read Dandelion Wine together. :) Oh what a wonderful children's awakening to the delights of summer. And then- when he's in his spooky carnie fascination phase, introduce Something Wicked This Way Comes.

I bet he'd really get into reading if it challenges his imagination! That would give you some time, maybe?

oh- and keep on bikin!!! :) Great work (play, actually)!