Thursday, April 27, 2006

Take your kid to work!

Today was take-your-kid-to-work day! Z has accompanied both my husband and me to work ever since he was tiny. The station is an extended family to him and he feels no shyness whatsoever in walking into anyone's office and asking them a question or asking if they want a drawing.

So last night, I asked him if he actually KNEW what it was that Daddy did. Answer: No. Just knows it has something to do with TV.

This morning, my husband roused him at 5am (let him sleep in an extra hour) to go to work. They trundled off and I arrived around 9. Darling husband had had about enough by then... to his credit though, he showed Z several things about his job and let him run the computer (with close supervision). Then he was handed off to me (daddy needed a break!). During the week that I was in Las Vegas, people have been bringing boxes for our move to my office, so when I walked in on Tuesday, there was a near avalanche. I put Z to work shuffling them around so I could get in and out of my office without knocking anything over. In the picture above, he explains to Suzanne that he's making robots out of my boxes. So much for the help!

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