Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Blah and another Happy Birthday

Not much to say today... stayed home for the AC guy (who didn't show). I called him and he said the unit wasn't ready yet but he would be there first thing in the morning to install it since it would be ready late this afternoon. I did some work from home and tidied the house.

Joe's birthday is today. We went to Helen & Roy's (in-laws) for Sonny's Barbecue and banana cake. Joe looked totally blasted, which is weird for him. Turns out he'd gone for an eye exam today and his eyes were still dialated and he couldn't see very well. Bet that made reading birthday cards fun!

Z-boy and Uncle Joe

Joe and Rita's daughter Kelly is studying for her final exams. Graduation is Memorial Day weekend. Not sure how long she has at home before she has to leave for the Air Force Academy. I think she has to be there mid-June. Can't believe she's going! Time flies. I was looking at pictures of her the other day at our wedding. I think she was Z's age then. Hard to believe... They ALL grow up so fast!

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