Monday, May 08, 2006

French enjoys the new deck

Numerous buckets of sweat, trips to Lowes, intermittent thunderstorms, boxes of nails, bent nails, ant bites, glasses of water, three days and a wasp sting later - we have official guard/hand rails on our decks. The pictures have been sent to the insurance company and we all should be very happy now.

Front deck

Back deck

My darling husband did an excellent job of putting together an attractive set of railings that ought to not only satisfy our insurance company, but make potential homebuyers very happy. I'm very impressed with the job he did.

I went off to collect the boy from school and print out a little work at the office, leaving hubby to finish the job. Two severe thunderstorms later, we finally straggled in and found an exhausted man sleeping on the floor in the bathroom.

Okay, okay - this isn't as weird as it sounds... because we'd been painting in the master bedroom, we put the mattress from the boy's top bunk down on the floor of the bathroom (world's most wasted space in our house) so there would be somewhere to sleep that didn't smell of paint. It's actually a pretty cozy little nest with everything you need within a couple of steps. Need a drink? Reach up to the sink. Need to pee? Crawl over about three feet and you're there. The fan makes a nice white noise and the sleeping is easy....

Now it's on to other "make the house sale-able" projects....

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