Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Is it me?

Today I had to go give blood for testing (checking liver function with my cholesterol medication) which required fasting. So I cut myself off at 9pm last night and get to the lab about 10am today. I love going to the lab - it's in and out with free peanut butter crackers and a cup of coffee when you're done.

Guess I'm weird - I like to see the needle go in. To me, it's better than the surprise and jerk when you don't look. Doesn't hurt as much.

Well - they had a tough time finding a vein. The last few years, they've just popped up whenever asked, but the last couple of times I've been, there's been a lot of hunting around. Makes me wonder - when I was much younger and had very low blood pressure, I always walked away from any kind of blood work looking like a junkie. The bruises were enormous and very colorful. Then came that period when once the cotton ball and tape was removed, you couldn't tell anything had happened there. Now we're back to hunting and bruising. Does high blood pressure make it easier to find a vein?

Still starved after the crackers and coffee, so I went to the Village Inn for a more fortifying breakfast. As soon as I walked in, I was smacked in the face with sour-milk smell. Do all of these "family" restaurants smell like this? Did I just not notice before because: a) I was smoking; or b) my child was still in the spilt or spit-up milk phase and everything smelled like that? I managed to drink my coffee and eat my ham & cheese crepes (yes, I know-cholesterol bomb going off) in spite of the smell, but breakfast wasn't as pleasant as I had envisioned....

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Alice in Wonderbread said...

I'm a non needle person. First time I tried to give blood, I ended up bursting into tears before the turniquet thingy was set. The Nordic Giant Nurse hurried me off, explaining she wasn't going to take blood from a crybaby (basically). I don't know about blood pressure vs. finding veins. I'll ask my ma, she knows a ton of medical stuff.

Yes a lot of cafe places smell like sour milk; welcome to Getting Picky time!