Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Meredith, McDreamy, and the Vet

Okay, okay... I know this has nothing to do with my life, but I feel the urge to comment on last night's season finale of GREY'S ANATOMY.

Meredith and Derek should be slapped silly for doing something so stupid. And the vet should run for the hills because I'm beginning to think Meredith should be joining her mother at the funny farm.

Derek made the choice to stay with his wife Addison, who I am beginning to like more and more (she left me cold when she first showed up), but he gets all pissy when Meredith starts dating the vet. Classic case of wanting to have your cake and eat it too. Watch out, McDreamy - you're turning into a fat head.

I liked Denny, sorry he died. Sorry Izzie was so stupid because I think she caused his death by pushing the new heart too soon. Looks like Alex gets another crack at Izzie.

Burke will pull through, which is good for Christine. I get a little impatient with her. Perhaps this will make her a little more human and not just a medicine-machine. What I don't know is if Burke will stay with her when he recovers.

George? Love George. He better figure out what's what in his head because if he doesn't, the best thing that ever happened to him will walk right out the door. I like Callie. I like having a big girl in the cast who's not afraid to go after who/what she wants. She's not huge, but she's got some meat on her and she's taller than George.

Bailey's great. You go, girl!!!!! I wish I could be the "Nazi" of my life. Tough outside, soft and squishy inside. I probably relate to Bailey better than anyone else on that show.

'Nuff said.

Oh - and what the heck happened to DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES? I don't think I'll be watching that anymore. How stupid can a show get?


Anonymous said...

Read Maurine Dowd's column today--very appropriate.

Sayre said...

Know anywhere I can read it for free without handing out credit card info?