Monday, May 22, 2006

Peaceful Morning

This morning when I went out to get my newspaper, Beryl was sitting on the deck. Not hiding like she normally does. I think she was feeling a little bit better. I got my coffee and newspaper and Beryl's eye drops and we just sat together on the deck for about half an hour. I flea-combed her a little, petted her a lot. French came up and snuggled her and licked her face. When I got up to get the camera, French bugged out, but Beryl stayed put.

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Sayre said...

It's the next day... this morning Beryl told me she was ready to go. This is the second day of not eating breakfast, her breathing is labored, and she is acting chilled. There's an air of resignation about her this morning that wasn't there yesterday. French is staying right by her side and not wandering off. It's time. I called the vet and changed her appointment for a cortisone shot tomorrow to a going to sleep shot.

I'm very sad.