Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Something I will miss...

The fishing boats back right up to the restaurant

Riverside Cafe from the road

Last night, after a day of working on the house, I went down to St. Marks to the Riverside Cafe to get a grouper basket to split with my husband for dinner.

Back when we first moved here, dogs were as much a part of this restaurant as the people. The St. Marks bike trail ends in St. Marks, so people riding their bikes with their dogs would go a block over to the Riverside and get a drink or something to eat. Health codes changed all that, but I still miss the "doggie-days" of the restaurant.

One of the "regulars"
Riverside was always second fiddle though. Posey's was the place to go for oysters and smoked mullet. It was a ramshackle, two-story, white clapboard fishing shack. Downstairs was the restaurant and the owners lived upstairs. Then Hurricane Dennis came through and Posey's had to be condemned. Riverside, which basically has no walls to ruin, was fine after replacing the motors on the refridgerators and freezers. Dennis' flood waters were up to my shoulders (someone put a mark on a support post in Riverside) and flooding was the big issue - not wind or rain. And Dennis did all this from 200 miles away! So now that Posey's was out of commission, Riverside has come into it's own.


ablondeblogger said...

Hey Sayre!

Have you ever read a Heather Graham novel? I'm pretty sure it was Graham who had a main character named Sayer in one of her books (love that name!), and alot of Graham's books also take place in Florida.

In fact, the one I just finished, called "Killing Kelly" has a place much like the one pictured in your post.

You should definitely check out her books if you haven't! I've loved every single one of hers that I've read.

Janet said...

While I understand health code reasons, it really is fun when dogs get to enjoy what humans do. Sometimes I think a 5 min car ride just makes their day.:)