Friday, June 30, 2006

Blog Tapas

Stealing a title from one of my favorite blogs "Oh, the Joys". If you don't enjoy frazzled Mommy-humor, don't go there, but if you do, Jessica is a riot. In the search bar, type in othejoys and enter. You'll get there.

#1 Dropping my son off at camp involves an underground parking garage with tiny spaces. My little Focus even has to squeeze into some of them. So I've dropped Z-boy off and am heading back for the surface when I come upon a large truck trying to back into a space. The driver is very earnest, backing, correcting, backing.... This takes a while, but as I watch, I realize something. He doesn't realize it until he turns off his truck. The space he's squeezing into is between a concrete pillar and a concrete wall. He can't get out of his truck.

#2 I feel so much lighter now that the weight of getting the other house ready to sell is lifted. And the realtor has a hot prospect looking at the house tomorrow. Apparently very anxious to get down into Wakulla County. Man, wouldn't it be great to sell the place after two days on the market?????

#3 The new house feels like home. Z-boy is so comfy here that he doesn't even want to go down to the old house (despite the wails of denial when we told him we were moving).

#4 The yard needs a lot of work. I was sitting outside in the shade pulling up weeds while talking to my husband (similarly engaged) and had just said to him that I could see why Grandma spent so many hours in her yard doing the same thing. It's mindless and relaxing - your brain can go off on its own little vacation and you still accomplish something... when my cousin drove up and exclaimed that I looked just like Grandma sitting in her yard pulling weeds!

#5 The other eerie-ness about the above story is that my current house is three doors down from where my grandmother lived (my uncle lives there now), so I'm probably pulling some of the same weeds she did.

#6 Moving apparently can be a little slimming. To work on a flower bed this evening, I put on a pair of cropped stretchy pants and one of my husband's tank tops. Didn't eve think about it, but later realized that the last time I put this on, the shirt was pulled TIGHT across my belly. It actually hung mostly normally this time. I'm still not getting on the scale though. Even though we've been "weight-lifting" during this move, the diet has been atrocious. Lots of pizza, hamburgers, subs and chips. Not great. I did go grocery shopping and loaded up on lots of veggies and fruits today - maybe we can get a little more normal now that we're mostly done with the move.

#7 Z-boy has the next week off from camps, so he's mine - all mine!!!! Wa-ha-ha! We had a date last night. We went to see CARS. A little long, but very funny. Lots of subtle adult humor disguised as a kiddie movie. If you go, stay for the credits. They're a hoot!

Odds and ends, random thoughts... tapas.


Alice in Wonderbread said...

Hee hee- tapas storylines.

Tasty little observations, these tapas.

Way to go on the Moving Diet. :)

Sayre said...

Tapas are perfect when you don't have more than a paragraph to say about something....

Good to see you again... I've been checking in but not writing - too brain-dead to write, but I could still read. Missed you. Seems like lots of folks are taking a summer break. Janet is on vacation (in Florida, of all places), Dawn is just really, really busy, my cousin's got a new class schedule, and Frankengirl is in personal difficulty at the moment. All my favorite blog reads are taking some time off. Well, except Rhys (Gospel According to Rhys), whose dog de-pantsed him in front of the postman this morning....