Sunday, June 04, 2006

Gah! So close...

Went over to do the second coat of paint in the master bedroom today. Got three walls done and ran out of paint. Argh! I could have FINISHED the bedroom today, but nooooo..... So tomorrow after I drop Z off at camp, I'll be heading to Lowe's to get another gallon. Since I will have so much more paint again, I think the bathroom might become yellow too. There's gray tile in there so I think that will look pretty nice, especially when I put my "fishy" shower curtain up in there.

Everyone stand up and clap for my lovely husband! He is MY hero! Yesterday, he pulled out the terrible family room carpet, exposing some pretty decent hardwood, but absolutely filthy. He cleaned and scrubbed that floor all afternoon. It still has some stained spots and a couple of places where the finish is gone, but it's passable now. He cleaned the floor in the Master bedroom this morning and it looks great! All of the floors need to be refinished really... but we won't do that until we actually buy the house. It's a lot of work and quite expensive. And it takes about 3 weeks for it to be done properly apparently (so says Mr. Villa). But they're so much better than they were... we can live on this for a year until we find out if we're buying or moving.

Tomorrow I will have no computer. The phone lines will be disconnected at the old house and I haven't got a computer area set up at the new house yet. The computer will move tomorrow, but probably won't be hooked up. So all you'll hear from me is the sound of silence.

Have a great Monday, everybody!!!!!


Janet said...

Just imagining time without the option of getting on the computer gets me nervous. Even if I'm not in touch, at least I have the option.

Thanks for the compliment on my blog!:)

ablondeblogger said...

I'm with Janet. We have dial-up and have had our phone lines go out a few times in a month. I thought I would die!

Keep up the great work on the sounds like you're almost there!

Sayre said...

I've got the master bedroom licked. Just need to paint my son's room and we'll move. The rest can wait and be done after we're in.

My big deadline now is that the water is getting turned off Monday at the old house. That means all painting, repairing and cleaning needs to be finished by Sunday night. You might not hear from me for a few days!!!!