Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Things are finally coming together

This is a picture of my laundry room before... We'd had a leak from tornado, which stained the ceiling. The roof got fixed, but we hadn't done anything about the ceiling. Not very attractive...

This is after. The ceiling was fixed and painted. I initially painted the room white, but it looked horrible. The ceiling is white; the washer & dryer are white; the floor is white; the back door is white. It was TOO white. So I painted it blue and now it's my favorite room in the house!!!! This picture doesn't do it justice.

The real estate agent was pretty leery of anything but neutral colors, but I have to tell you - neutral just doesn't work in this house!!!!

My neutral kitchen (white floor, mobile home wallboard - yawn)

I painted this bathroom "neutral" as recommended. Can you say "blah"?

My "sandstone" livingroom. The piano is moving as soon as we make a space for it at the new house. The Piano Man says it's very fixable. Amazingly sturdy, this piano!

Part of my son's forested room. I put in the "wood" floor myself. Very cool room!

This shot does NOT do the bedroom justice. In a previous post, there were much better pictures of the bedroom. It's very large and the yellow makes the room so cheery!

So - this is what I've been up to and why, instead of blogging at night, I've been collapsing into my bed or onto the floor in complete exhaustion. Painting, fixing, cleaning, moving. It takes a lot out of you. Not to mention the commuting and my son being out of school. And keeping up with work. Work has become my vacation, for gosh sakes!

And now that the old homestead is officially up for sale (with signs and everything!), I can start working on the new place! Lots to be done there too, but I can take my time with it.

Off to bed! I'm back!

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