Friday, July 07, 2006


Got an email from an old friend of ours who said he and his wife would be passing through - could we get together for lunch and then come see the new house? I said "Sure!" and today was the day. Z-boy got up and went to work with Darling Man, and a while later the cats made sure I got up too. I cleaned house. Made beds; swept and mopped floors; picked up all the dirty socks and put them where they belonged; swept up enthusiastically spread around kitty litter (we've had the box active again since Yoda's run in with the neighborhood bully-cat); and generally neatened up the place. Looked really good. We went to lunch (oooo... Mexican!!!) then came back here to view the house, the yard and talk for awhile. Z-boy's got a couple more weeks of camps, but then there's another three weeks before school starts! So we've been invited to come up and visit them when Z's out of his camps. Think we might go!

As it turns out, it was a good thing I cleaned up this morning. After our out-of-towners left, we sort of vegged out when there was a knock on the door. The landlord had driven up from Orlando! I wasn't really expecting him until Sunday to oversee the installation of the new air conditioner on Monday so we were really surprised. But he seemed to like what we'd done with the house and we told him about the various problems we'd been having with plumbing and the like. He told us to get someone to come fix all that stuff (he pays). yea! He's gone out with a friend for dinner, but is staying here this weekend in the downstairs (which is still his area until he gets it all cleaned out). He brought his dog with him, which the cats just love....

Update on Pop: He's moving from the hospital to the rehabilitation place tomorrow. How long he stays there is dependent on how well he responds to therapy. We'll probably go see him again on Saturday afternoon late or Sunday. I have no idea what his rehab schedule is or how long it takes to move him and do paperwork, so Saturday might not happen. We'll just have to see. He's apparently doing pretty well though. I hope it continues. Being in constant pain is no fun!

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