Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I've been thinking about hair a lot lately. It seems to pop up in some strange places (as well as in the usual ones).

Keep in mind - I have very light hair. I never waxed or plucked my eyebrows until a month or so ago and that's just so I would have an easier time coloring in the lines. Likewise, I rarely shave my legs because the hair just isn't visible. Oh, it's there... you just can't see it until there's a mini-beard just below my kneecaps.

So, Z-boy is petting my ankles the other night and he looks up at me and asks, "Mommy? Don't you EVER shave your legs????" Which brings up two questions in my mind. When does a 7 year old boy start noticing that women shave their legs in the first place, and, when do they start noticing if you don't???? That made me actually look at my legs and notice the mini-beard, so I shaved my legs this morning.

The other thing I've noticed as I've gotten older is that I get hair in places it didn't used to be. I suppose this is the ramp-up to menopause and I can always blame it on "hormones", but it is very odd to say the least. I have had the typical big hair suddenly sprout out of my chin or the side of my nose. Those are immediately noticeable (at least if I look at myself in the mirror every day) and can be plucked without much ado. No, the one that's got me flummoxed is the ear hair. Not the inside-the-ear hair... this one is on my ear lobe.

One day I am brushing my hair up into a pony tail and putting the elastic band on but my ear is caught up in a hair, so I take my hair down, carefully put the hair behind my ear and start again. Again, my earlobe flips up. This is darned peculiar, so I take my hair down again. I comb it behind my ears, gather it up and up goes my earlobe. Ack! So I look closer and realize that there is a thick, long gray hair that has grown out of the bottom of my earlobe and I can actually pull it up into my ponytail!!!! How did it get there and get that long without my noticing??? As it turns out, it's magic hair. I plucked it out and a week later, another one appeared - instantly long, thick and gray. It wasn't there the day before... not even a hint of extraneous hair, then BOOM! There it is.

This, of course, has me wondering if that is happening anywhere else on my body that I haven't noticed yet. Like behind my knee or on my elbow or the back of my neck or the middle of my back. It is a little unnerving and endlessly fascinating (probably not to you, but to me) because it is SO weird. Makes me wonder what other surprises the years ahead have for me.


Apricoco said...

Well, I can't say that I have ever found a hair growing out of my earlobe. But, if it makes you feel better I can tell you that I used to have non-exsistent eyebrows. My hair is so fine that you could hardly tell that I had eyebrows. But now? Um... Sometimes I wonder if I have been possesed by archie! So, good luck with this one!

Alice in Wonderbread said...

OK- you know from a previous post on my blog that I've had a laugh like a hyena since middle school. The older I get, the more it turns into a witch's cackle.

So there you have it. Next step- witch hairs growing from my chin. I first noticed them in the car with H-bomb when he said I had 'something' on my chin, and I pulled at the something. Four inches later of still pulling I see a fine hair. It was curled up like a sow bug, but in full length it was a freaking earthworm!

I've been tweezing ever since. And when I see a certain Swedish woman for my brow wax, she waxes parts of my face for free because it bothers her to see me.

Oh man. The joys of getting older.

But for me, I've always had facial hair. I look at my 19 year old pics and laugh and laugh; I've got eyebrows like Brooke Shields did in the same era. If I go too long then get them done, coworkers smile at me and ask, "Something is different about you. Did you lose weight?"

Never fear. As we continue this thing called life we'll find more than four inch hairs in strange places to suprise and amaze us.

Janet said...

Being 50% Italian I always considered myself to be on the hairy side. I dont know if I'm right or not.

I have a TON of hair on my head and while I'm blonde, don't feel right if I dont shave my legs...even in the winter.

I also pluck my eyebrows and trim a few stray hairs every day.

Wow. This makes me sound really paranoid.

I'm just convinced I was a dog in another life.:)

Sayre said...

Someone I work with is the same way, Janet. She says she shaves EVERYDAY! I just can't imagine this... I can go MONTHS before the knee-beard shows up and I'm usually the only one who notices it.

My cousin and my granddaughter were "monkey babies". Hair on their heads is thick and wavy, but so is the hair on their backs and their arms (these are girls, by the way). My cousin always had "sideburns" and I was SO jealous! I would kill to have sideburns like hers! Still would, actually - but I think she shaves hers now or maybe they've just disappeared.