Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Oriental dining adventure

Tonight, after a long, grueling day of caring for son and checking in on mother-in-law, and weeding through growing pile of bills, we decided to use my husband's birthday gift certificate at Mori - a Japanese steakhouse for dinner. The chef was wonderful! He captivated Z-boy with his musical spatulas and egg-juggling. Very impressive!!!

Then the giant fire part started. He was quite startled. Even the little onion volcano was freaking him out a little. After the next big fire, he finally gave up his dignity and dove under the table top until the fire part of the dinner preparation was over....

Except for the fire phobia, dinner was a smashing success. Z-boy actually liked the food, ate all the healthy broccoli, squash, chicken and some of the rice. He ate the oranges that came after (along with everyone's cherries). Darling man had a small bottle of warm sake and some sushi in addition to his hibachi meal, and we all went home with full, happy bellies.

He even, after a few false starts, got it going with the chopsticks! I was mighty impressed. I can't do it!

Upon arrival home, darling man crashed into bed. Lovely son and I cleaned his bathroom in preparation for his new shower curtain and rug. I'm not sure I remember agreeing to do this after dinner, but he swears that I did. The bathroom is clean now, Z is in bed, and I am about to hit the hay myself. I actually get to go to work tomorrow (hurray!!!!) and have a little break from intense, out-of-camp-this-week-and-I'm-bored Mommy-hood.


Alice in Wonderbread said...

I love this little man.
I had the same reaction the first time I had hibachi.

Only, I was 16 years old, so when I ducked under the table, it wasn't quite as adorable.

Sayre said...

I asked him if he would be afraid next time and he said no. Now that he knows what to expect, he won't freak out as much. He might stand against the wall, though...