Saturday, July 15, 2006


So... lovely man and I were watching "Dogma" when marvelous child came in and handed me a ball of fluff.

After ascertaining that it was not a dead mouse, I realized that is was marvelous child's hair.

Now, Mommy-dearest has been pleading with him to get a haircut for weeks now (he's starting to look either like a little girl or a Beatle), so after lots of quiet play with legos, he decides that the perfect moment for a cut has arrived. Armed with scissors that don't cut well, he trimmed his own bangs as a "surprise" for us.

They're a bit uneven and a little on the short side, but he actually did a pretty good job! Now, if he'll just let me cut the rest of his hairs....


Alice in Wonderbread said...

Hey nice job dere hey, Z man.

Apricoco said...

Oh.. I did that when I was a kid too. Only he did a much better job than me! Isn't it like a requirement of childhood that you chop your hair at least once?

BTW... What a cutie, he is going to be a girl magnet when he gets older!

Sayre said...

Z-man is ALREADY a girl magnet. Has been since the day he was born. An unusually beautiful baby - the nurses WANTED him to hang out in the nursery! He's had "girlfriends" since he was 3 and decided he was going to marry Hannah (best friend's daughter). Then when he started daycare it was Conner he was going to marry. Hannah had become "too bossy". In kindergarden it was Narissa and in first grade, a little girl named Sarah (who moved away to Ohio). He was bummed over that for weeks!

All the females at work love him; the gals at the corner stores; every waitress in every restaurant... the list goes on.

I am officially terrified of his teen years.