Saturday, July 01, 2006

Water works...

Oy... the joys of moving into an older home....

Z-boy was taking a bath and my husband was checking downstairs, as he is wont to do from time to time to make sure doors are locked and nothing has gone awry.... only something was very awry. There was a small waterfall coming from the ceiling directly under Z-boy's bath! I came down and checked it out. Obviously this has happened before as there was a large trashcan sitting under the waterfall. So I got Z out and told the boys to watch while I pulled the plug. Nothing. Nothing happened! So we're trying to figure this out and came up with this: Z is 7 years old, and as they are by nature very wriggly things, he was probably in the tub "making waves". The waves were crashing into the overflow and that's where the leak was coming from. Not the main drain, just the overflow. But since the water doesn't always totally divert when you pop up the shower button, perhaps some of the water is coming from there as well.

And finally, after running totally out of clean clothes and wearing the same thing for two days running, we have a new washer. They were supposed to deliver it around noon today, but of course they showed up at 8am, which had me scrambling to empty out the laundry room where my beloved had stuck everything he didn't know what to do with. Lots of spiderwebs (and a few spiders too). The guys got the machine in there, then we discovered that the discharge hose wouldn't reach the drain pipe, which is about as tall as I am. I told the guys to leave it and I'd figure out what to do. Spent the whole day cleaning the laundry room and re-arranging it (it was too yucky to even think about doing laundry in), then went to Lowes to find a longer discharge hose. Turns out that washers come with 4' hoses. I bought a 6' hose and it made the drain. It seems to leak a little, but I can live with the amount that's coming out. It's really very little and getting less with each load. Also discovered that the delivery guys hooked the supply hoses to the wrong faucets. It took me a little while to figure out why the machine was so warm after a cold rinse. Answer: Cold wash, hot rinse. I started a cold run and the water coming in was hot, which cinched the idea. I can't get the hoses off without a tool though (man, those guys were strong - or are my arthritic hands just not that tough anymore?), so I will deal with it tomorrow.

Also bought a new hose while at Lowes. The one that was left behind is covered in tape and STILL leaks all over.

I hope my water woes will be over soon!

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Alice in Wonderbread said...

I hope they are over too.

I'm taking wee vacations here and there. Home improvement season and The Project That Wouldn't End both are keeping me close at hand.

I'll take a four day weekend to San Jose for the half marathon in October. Never been there before, and will be meeting a friend there to run with- I'm looking forward to that.