Sunday, September 17, 2006


My hair is coming out in handfuls.

Z-boy did all the spelling and math work necessary after his absence of last week, but he didn't do any of his writing homework. Oh, he did the plan, but when he "writes" his paragraph, he just rewrites his plan in the form of a paragraph. His plan stinks. He says it's a good book three times. Doesn't say why it's a good book, and three bananas show up in a sentence with no explanation.

Talking to him doesn't help. Explaining doesn't help. Time-out (close your eyes and breathe deeply and relax) doesn't help. Taking a break doesn't help. Lunch doesn't help. We are still stuck with those five sentences and he doesn't understand why it's not good enough. My husband just got home and tried to explain. Nope.

It's a good thing I am NOT a teacher. This kind of roadblock is enough to inspire me to mass murder.


Anonymous said...

obviously hates writing.

1.Ask a question about the story and when he answers it tell him to write what he just said. this may take a bit but it works.

2.Ask him if he wanted to tell a friend about the book what would he say? Would what he said get his own interest?

I have the t-shirt that is given with this one!


nikki said...

i am dreading the homework years with aaron! ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sayre said...

I want that T-Shirt!!!! My husband took over when I ran away and when I got home, they had a workable paragraph to hand in. You could tell it was Z-boy's work and not hubby's so that was good.

I think I was just tired and frustrated by a lot of things that day (not just homework) and needed a break - from home, school work, kid. I felt like a different person when I returned.

Know when to say when!