Monday, September 25, 2006

Bike Swag

So I'm not a movie star, invited to the Oscars or Cannes or any of those places where they give away free stuff to the people who can MOST afford it... but today, I GOT SWAG!


As part of Commuter Choices Week, there was a kickoff welcome and luncheon downtown. Okay, that may be an exaggeration... there were some tables set up with lots of brochures, trash bags, bumper stickers, water bottles, funky pens and (my favorite) those neon yellow vests so the cars can see where they're aiming! Oh, wait... they're supposed to avoid you! I am a bit of a cynic on this because my husband has nearly been run over several times by people driving in the bike lanes.

It's scary out there, and I, for one, am going to be breaking the law because I will be riding on the sidewalks. Ticket me if you want, Mr. Policeman. It's not worth my life to endanger it riding in the so-called bike lanes with inattentive or aggressive drivers out there.

That said, I plan to ride my bike to and from work three times this week. The other two days I will be telecommuting.

The luncheon was a couple of tables set up with sandwiches, chips, fruit and drinks. Oh, and cookies. Really, really good cookies. I had a turkey on pumpernickel, an apple, and a diet coke - plus one soft, warm sugar cookie. I did take a bag of cheetoes too, but I saved them for the boy. He loves to eat stuff that turns his fingers orange...

All of this is good news for the final week of OLTA!!! Because in addition to the bike riding, Z-boy and I are still walking to school more days than not. We have, however, discovered that Monday mornings are just not meant for walking for Z. He is in weekend recovery mode and sleeps as late as possible on Monday before dragging his little hiney out of bed to dress and eat breakfast. I don't think that I will be down two sizes, but I can almost guarantee one! I'm glad we're not ending this week though. I'm feeling a bit bloated and water-retention-y. I will not go near the scale or a measuring tape this week but expect to be leaping on with enthusiasm next Monday!


nikki said...

yeah the orange finger part of cheetos always scared me. rockin' the bike riding! you go girl...and i can't believe i just used that saying.

factor 10 said...

Obviously, this is the week we should all stay away from the measuring tape/scale scenario.
Big O taught Little O the love of orange powdered foods. Ugh. At least she immediately wants to wash her hands when she's done. He STILL manages to leave orange fingerprints on the wall even as he marches to the bathroom to wash those puppies...
Ah, life with boys.

Anonymous said...

There is something about cheetos and the lingering orange effect.

Slow and steady is the best way to lose. Just remember that with all your activity you are building some muscle and it weighs more. So the scale maybe a little off of your expectations.

You are doing a great job!!!!


Christina_the_wench said...

You've inspired me to.... go grab a bag of cheetos for lunch. ;)

Good job on the walking thing!