Saturday, September 02, 2006

Blending In and Standing Out, Part 1

A couple of months ago, I got an invitation to a wedding. I work with the mother of the bride (actually, I'm her supervisor), so I've heard plenty of behind the scenes stories about this wedding and how it was all coming together. It sounded VERY fancy. That makes me nervous.

I am not a fancy person. Up until yesterday, I owned three pairs of shoes - two sneakers and one Dr. Scholl-type sandal. I realized that I was going to have to wear something other than my ordinary clothing, which consists mostly of tee shirts, shorts, and stretchy pants. I always joke with my friends that I need to be on that "What Not to Wear" show (or 10 Years Younger!) so I would have a clue about clothes. Stacy and Clinton did NOT show up on time.

So I take Thursday afternoon off to try to find something to wear to this fancy wedding. I remember seeing a store in the old Lowe's building called Cato, which says it carries junior, misses, and plus-size. Since I am a plus-size, I hate shopping. Those clothes are so awful, too expensive, and never fit right. When are the designers of plus-size clothing going to realize that if you have a big butt, a big chest and wide hips, your arms are NOT going to be toothpicks?!? But I go anyway. I cannot wear shorts to the wedding!

And I was pleasantly surprised. Half the store is plus-size.... and they look good! And aren't too expensive. And actually FIT. I was immediately drawn to a top that had beading at the V-neck and had soft, horizontal (!) stripes in various shades of brown and teal. But it was a size too small. Tried it on anyway - and it fit!!!! It took me several tries at a skirt, but I wound up with a chocolate brown one that flared beautifully. Earrings to match the beading and I was set! Well - except for shoes. What was I going to do about shoes?
IMG_1004 IMG_1006

Penney's was having a sale, so I headed over there. One salesperson was just outstanding. She worked with me for a long time before we came up with the winner. As you may recall from a previous post, I have big feet. If I were a puppy, people would say I'd grow up to be a gigantic dog. They're also shaped kind of funny. Barefoot for much of my childhood, they spread out even more when I got pregnant, and more as I gained weight. The result is human-looking duck feet. No pointy-toed shoes for me. They are absolute agony after about 10 seconds. Unfortunately, MOST of the shoes out there right now have pointy toes. But we perservered. I did find a 9W that I liked very much - but they only had it in black. We tried a wide range of sizes and widths, and the winners were size 10 mediums. The arch fell in the right spot, the show was wide enough and the heels weren't those spikey things but real supports for the back of your feet. I love them! and they were comfortable for the whole event!

More on the event itself in my next post.


factor 10 said...

woo hoo! And you found it all in a day? I wouldn't be able to find the shoes until two weeks AFTER the event! And gone down a size on top, too!?!? You sly girl, you're going to beat us all!!

Alice in Wonderbread said...

Way to go pretty lady. :) I go to every other week- their sales are great and a lot of their clothing actually has a very slimming/chic affect. :)

Nikki said...

I love that outfit!

The shoes rock!

I have a hard time finding any that fit me. I have extremely high arches and the majority of the shoes out there just don't allow for that.

but I love those shoes.