Thursday, September 28, 2006

Call of the Wild

Zach on Floor 2
Cute, huh? This was taken last night after we fixed my bike, took it for a test drive down the street with Z-boy keeping up on his SCOOTER! Then, all hot and sweaty, we worked on the front flower bed pulling weeds for a bit. He was filthy and hot, so of course he laid down on the kitchen floor and posed...

IMG_1140 This was taken this morning. You can't tell what it is, so I will tell you. I was sitting at the computer this morning when I heard the worst hissing, spitting, yowling cat fight ever. Since there is a big Tom that likes to beat up my cats on a regular basis, I jumped up and ran for the back deck. Only when I opened the door and turned on the light, there was nothing there. The noise continued, so I walked out on the deck and followed the sound. Great leaf rustling drew my attention up - where I spotted two full-grown raccoons duking it out in the treetops. Z thought this was amazing (which it was) and the noise was horrible (which was also true). I grabbed my camera but it really was still too dark and the flash didn't help. Well, maybe it did, because after the flash went off, both raccoons stopped fighting and looked at me. Then the aggressor backed off and disappeared into the leaves and the other climbed higher and higher until he ran out of tree.

I'm glad it wasn't the cats.


nikki said...

i loathe raccoons!

Anonymous said...

I love the kitchen floor and the wall you leaned on for pictures.


Janet said...

I havent thought of the days when I used to ride my scooter in awhile. I can still picture the red orange color. Thanks for reviving the memory!:)