Monday, September 04, 2006

Dinner and a.....?

Last night, my uncle and his wife invited us to dinner. She is from Puerto Rico and makes this wonderful dish called Pesteles (not sure of spelling). It involves pork, yuca or banana dough wrapped up in banana leaves and boiled. It is usually a three-day process to make this, but she managed to do it in two. My husband contributed some fish, so we tried that as a filling too. Aside from getting the ingredients ready, the wrapping part takes forever. So she showed us how to do it and we spent a couple of hours wrapping these things up. Then we cooked them and ate them. They were WONDERFUL! And we got a couple of bags to bring home too!

During the course of dinner, my uncle asked me if Z-boy had ever flown. The answer is no, but he will be flying to DC in October with me and my husband. My uncle has his own plane and flies with the Civil Air Patrol. So he asked if Z-boy would like to fly on Monday morning.

They walked out to the plane...

IMG_1010 IMG_1012
Got strapped in and a headset on...

IMG_1019 IMG_1021
And taxiied around the field a bit. But when it came time to actually fly, Z-boy couldn't do it. He was a little too scared. So my uncle brought him back to the FBO building and suggested that maybe I would like to go for a spin...

IMG_1022 So I did!

When I was living in Oklahoma, I used to fly. It was a terrific escape from my unhappy life down on the ground. I also flew a little C-150, affectionately named "Junior".
This picture was taken as I came in for a landing. Me flying, instructor beside me. When I came to a stop, he got out and told me to fly around the field by myself.

Solo Flight
My first solo.


Oh, The Joys said...

Wow! How fun!

34quinn said...

hey, ( first let me say sorry I have been missing posts again my blogger not working too good). I love the photos !!! thanks for are brave I will not get on a plane any more. I used to fly alot all over the place both in commercial airlines as well as private small planes. I had a good scare one time and have not been able to enjoy flying since. Good for you for being brave and having fun.

Janet said...

I LOVE trying new foods, especially exotic ones. This weekend I had Ethiopian for the first time. You eat it entirely with your hands. It's everything we've been taught for years taught not to do!:)

Rhys said...

Wow! I've never even been in a plane, but I'd love to try out flying :)

Oh by the way, to answer the question on my blog, if you press "print screen", you can copy the image into a paint program, by opening the paint program, then pressing Ctrl+C

Nikki said...

ooooo, they sound yummy.

Grub on Sayre.

Give me time to get this cake weight off.