Sunday, September 24, 2006

Gone Visitin'

James and Mo were planning to head back home this afternoon "after lunch", so my parents decided to BBQ some chicken and have a feast. No, no! Not in celebration of their leaving... because they came in the first place!!! I actually did pretty well, thank you OLTA participants, in spite of the gorgeous array of food and the plentifulness of said.

IMG_1113 IMG_1111

Everyone was there when Z-boy and I arrived, except for Jerry. He arrived late, and covered in soot....

Sooty Jerry

He'd been crawling around under, then towing some burnt-out busses. The soot was that very light stuff that gets everywhere. Looks like when Jerry pushed sweat out of his eyes, he pushed the soot right into his eyebrows. His eyebrows aren't nearly that dramatic in real-life!

One of the things that I appreciate most about my brothers is their absolute willingness to be very silly for my son. James is rarely around but does have a bit of clown in him. Uncle Matt is around quite a bit and will play laser tag or wear funny hair just to get a giggle out of Z-boy. Uncle Jerry is a huge favorite as well, as much for his ability to play as for the gigantic tow truck he drives.
IMG_1108 Z and M wigs
IMG_1124 IMG_1103

Okay, okay... so James wasn't being silly here, but I thought it was a nice picture!

It was a glorious sunny afternoon when we headed out to the farm, but the storm clouds soon rolled in and we had a lovely downpour. Dad immediately felt the need to fall asleep, but managed to hold off at least until we left. Matt didn't make it that far. As soon as lunch was over, he crashed on the couch. Jerry was worrying about how to get his truck turned around as he had to go back to hauling dead busses. James and Mo made getting-ready-to-leave noises and began gathering up their things.

One of the wonderful things about the farm is the large sunporch on the back. It has a large metal awning that runs the length of the porch and under it are the bird feeders. Lots of seedy ones and a couple of hummingbird feeders. Today we had a couple of brilliant cardinals, some scruffy looking sparrows, red finches and a lovely, shy little humming bird. I waited patiently for him to return to the feeder so I could take his picture. Unfortunately, it was dark because of the rain, and I didn't want to use a flash because it would scare him. I zoomed the camera all the way in and while I knew that conditions were very sorry for a good picture, I hoped anyway.


Maybe next time....


quinn said...

Looks like and sounds like everyone had a fabulous visit !!

happykat said...

I can't look away from the yummies!

My mouth is watering for that chicken.mmmmmmmmmmmmmbbqchickenmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I'm glad you had a good time, but pass that chicken!