Sunday, September 17, 2006


So my husband's aunt and cousin are in town visiting the in-laws. We saw them briefly on Friday night, and Cousin S's eyes were already getting that glassy look I always feel I have when I spend too much time with the in-laws. She and Z-boy escaped to the back porch and were playing "I Spy" when I joined them. Hubby and I had been up since 4am, so our eyelids were getting a little droopy by 8pm, and shortly after making it to the back porch, we had to go. I may have been getting sleepy, but I clearly remember Cousin S lamenting that she'd love to have a conversation that didn't revolve around politics, religion, or bodily functions.

Saturday, we cleaned house in anticipation of a visit from the in-laws, Aunt M and Cousin S to see the new house. They never arrived. This morning, I got the call - they were going to come by after church. Another quick sweep (dust piles up fast here for some reason) and we were ready - but they never made it. Had to go home to check on FIL before coming.... I think my MIL forgot how to get here and was covering by using FIL as an excuse.

After the agony of homework this morning (see post below), when my husband got home, I told him I was running away... and I was going to kidnap his cousin, too. I called her up and asked if she wanted to be kidnapped, to which she responded, "Oh, PLEASE!!!!" I told her to be ready in 45 minutes.

With a minimum of chit-chat, I got her out of the house and we headed to Applebee's for mudslides and talk. You see, I've been in this family for 12 years (officially). Everyone assumes that you know about other members of the family or don't even mention that they exist until someone comes to visit. By then, since you supposedly absorbed information by osmosis, it's a little awkward to ask - Is Cousin married? Divorced? Gay? Kids? What does she do? Does she own a house? Rent a cardboard box? What?

So I decided to get to know Cousin S, because this was the only way it would happen. We talked for more than two hours. We relaxed into it and kept going. And guess what? I think I have a new friend!


Jeff said...

You find friends in the strangest places sometimes! lol

quinn said...

Always nice to feel you have made new friends.

Oh, The Joys said...

I tagged you for a silly Melanie Meme.