Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sweaty Me

Two days in a row!

We were unable to start last week as planned due to first me being sick, then Z-boy being sick, but Tuesday and today, Z-boy and I have been walking to school. He loves it!!!! So much, in fact, that he wants to walk home from the bus stop in the afternoon too!

The school is 1.2 miles from our house, of which probably .85 is hill. Big hill. San Francisco-type hill. This is a hilly town, but there are few hills that garner as much respect as this one. Lucky Z-boy... his part is all downhill. Sure, the shins are a little achy, but he's bopping along as much vertically as horizontally, so it doesn't affect him quite the same way. But after I drop him off at the school grounds, I get to go UPHILL.

Yesterday, I had to stop twice to catch my breath and sit on a wall until my heart slowed down. By the time I got home, I was wringing wet with sweat and shakey. I then sat on my bed, drank water and zoned out for nearly an hour before I could rouse myself to get in the shower and go to work.

This morning, my shins ached, but the overall damage was minimal. And a cold front passed through last night so today was beautifully crisp (I LOVE FALL!). I took my cane along today and after dropping Z-boy off, started back up the hill. I'll have you know that I only stopped one time. My heart was behaving, but I was slightly breathless. So I stopped before it got bad and only stood there for about 30 seconds before moving on. A great improvement. Thank god I don't smoke anymore. I would have NEVER made it up the hill if I did.

So watch out, Quinn! There's another walker out there! It takes me about an hour to complete the trip to and from school, which is a pretty good workout. I need to get a new pedometer though. The last one made a fatal trip through the washing machine.


Anonymous said...

A year and a half ago, I was a near invalid. Asthma had a vice-like grip on my lungs, and the attempt to run two miles ended after a quarter mile with a trip to the hospital. Today, I run 6 miles every other day at noon... in the heat of the day... with 5 lbs ankle weights on. Don't quit!!!


quinn said...

wow sayre !!! excellent job girl !!!

The fact too that you did better on the second day than the first is awesome and very encouraging soon you will be amazed at how well you can do that walk.
Very glad to know you also listen to your body and took the time to rest when you needed to. NO point in injuring yourself , kinda defeats becoming healthy if you make yourself worse.

I feel the rivalry and love it!! I can usually do things longer when I feel I have a bit of a push on me to do so.

factor 10 said...

Woohoo, Go Sayre! I am regretting my Krispy Kreme frenzy last night more than I can say...Little O and I will take a walk today--you've inspired us!

Jeff said...

That is a great way to get into shape. When you trick your mind into thinking all this uphill walking is necessary, it helps you stay the course! Congrats!

BTW - I lost 5 lbs!

Sayre said...

Way to go, Jeff! You will be stunning at your wedding, I'm sure. How long to go?

My son is becoming a walking fool. After school today, he and his daddy went for a bike ride. When I got home from work, he asked me if we could go for a walk. We lapped the block and about halfway around again, some kids asked Z-boy if he wanted to play. It was some game with football. Z was all for it. He's never thrown or caught a football before. So he abandoned the walk and ran and ran and ran with these kids. More on that in a post tomorrow...

This walking is good for me too! My lower legs are really sore now. I may need to do hot bath therapy in the morning. Along with a couple of advil... but it's a good sore. I know I earned it rather than just getting whacked with a bat or something.