Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tell It To Me Tuesday (on Wednesday)

Yesterday, Janet at asked one of her famous questions:
As humans we are lucky enough to have senses; five glorious ones to be exact. Today though I want to hear all about the wonderful sense of smell.What are some of your favorite smells and is there a reason attached to why you like them so much? And in a two parter, what smells can't you stand and why? (try not to pick the obvious ones we all can agree upon here, k?)

These are a few of my favorite smells....

Rain RAIN There is nothing better than the smell of rain coming down fresh from the skies.

wood fire WOOD FIRE Think warm thoughts on a chilly night and snuggle up to a warm hearth.

Vanilla VANILLA and all that that implies...

Leaf Piles DRY LEAVES The dry, slightly dusty smell of dry leaves signals the true arrival of fall to me.

Airplane Fuel AIRPLANE FUEL Okay, call me weird, but the smell of kerosene and a plane engine just makes me feel giddy.

Jergen's ORIGINAL JERGEN'S LOTION The new stuff just doesn't cut it. The old version smelled so wonderful - and it always makes me think of my Grandmother.

Dog feet DOGGY FEET Biological and earthy all at the same time. It's a very basic smell and for some reason it appeals to me. Maybe because I miss my dogs...

Baby Head BACK OF A BABY'S NECK If you're a parent, this needs no explanation.

And these are a few of my not-so-favorite things:

Sick Sweat SICK ROOM SMELL Vomit, sick sweat, furry teeth and chicken soup. Yuck.

Cigarette Smoke CIGARETTE SMOKE In any form. Fresh, stale, old. Especially the smoking rooms in airports. Ever since I quit smoking, the smell of this smoke makes me nauseous. See entry above.

Jap Mag JAPANESE MAGNOLIA BLOSSOMS Okay, here's where I get weird again. We have loads of flowering trees here - a real treat for the nose. Even the Japanese Magnolia smells wonderful at first blush, but then you realize it's like being caught in an elevator with a person wearing too much perfume. It's overwhelming. Then when the blossoms fall off the trees, there's a very sweet rotten smell to them.

And there you have it... my answer to Janet's question. A day late and always a dollar short!!!


Nikki said...


I love it!

I'm constantly sniffing my son. LOL

(like a puppy dog - it makes him giggle)

Jeff said...

There is a dog biscuit plant in the town I work and on chilly mornings, one can smell the sweet smell of something baking. I like that smell, but no one else here does. :)

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, doggy feet. Yes.