Wednesday, September 27, 2006

This.... and that!

Let me introduce you to.... The Fall Project!


Yes, these are pictures of the back yard. The WHOLE back yard looks like this. It reminds me of the maze scene in the Harry Potter "Goblet of Fire" movie. If you don't move quickly enough, the foilage will reach out and grab you... First thing? Cut off the vines so the trees don't get pulled down.

The back wall looks like it had a flower bed at one time, but now it's just a trash pile for yard stuff. Including a dead tree. All of that needs to be cleaned out

IMG_1132 IMG_1129

I'm not sure what was supposed to happen here, but the way to the back yard from the front is a pretty good drop off. I think at one time the owner was building a path, that turned into a wall, that was going to be a pond... At this point, it needs to be totally dismantled and started all over. With a PLAN.

And now for something completely different...

I have a very proud cat today. Him big hunter. Kill big rat. Leave in front yard for owners to find. Hope hubby moves it before it begins to stink.



Apricoco said...

Oh your backyard looks like a place that I would love to explore... Sorry I haven't commentend lately. Life. You know how it goes!

factor 10 said...

How nice that it's all so lush and green, though! I have dried brown sticks...

Anonymous said...

Ther is no telling the adventures to be had.


quinn said...

Everything looks great until you showed me the dead rat..I could have lived without that