Monday, October 02, 2006

If not now... when?

Okay... so I did something a little crazy today.

After doing the self-defense class for children, Z-boy has expressed interest in learning KenPo, which is a self-defense style of Karate. While we were walking to school today, I set forth some options for things to do: flag football, violin lessons, KenPo. He perked right up at KenPo, so we made a date for after school to go and sign up for classes. He came home, did ALL his homework and was ready to go when I got home a few minutes after four.

Tomorrow is our first class. Yes, OUR.

When we arrived, all the moms were sitting outside on lawnchairs watching the class inside (no one who is not in class is allowed in the dojo proper during class). I saw that and thought, geez - if I have to be here anyway, I'd take a class! So I signed up right along with Z-boy. His classes are 4:30-5:30 and mine are 5:30 to 6:30. While he's in class, I get a little down/preparation time, and while I'm in class, he does his homework. We meet two times a week with an optional Saturday class. We're committed for a year. My husband is dying to take some kind of martial arts class too, but he's got to get his knee and back straightened out and okay'd by a doctor before he can do that kind of stuff.

We got our uniforms and shoes tonight too!

HiYa Kung Fu Zach
As you can see, they're a little big. Tomorrow I need to go get some white thread (how can I NOT have white thread????) and hem pants and shorten sleeves. First class is at 4:30!!!


quinn said...

hey good for you guys...
you will love martial you will recall I am a karate mom. I did judo as a kid and am thinking if I can get my back strengthened I would do karate. Gotta take it slow.
My son was 7 years old when he started he is now 13 and a sensei. He now goes to karate 7 days a week most weeks. He didn't go tonight because he trained 2 hours yesterday and got a huge huge blister on the bottom of his big toe. We drained it tonight and he should be ready to go back tomorrow.
He attends numerous classes during those 7 days , minimum 7 karate classes but many times 2 per day and cardio classes 5 days a week. The rest of the time he is at the dojo he is teaching the underbelts their katas or helping them with techniques on fighting.
If you like I can send you guys a couple pics of him from when he was just starting out until now....especially since your little guy looks remarkabley the same as my guy looked at 7.

happykat said...

Wow! I really want to do this too! My boy would love it. but our schedule isn't conducive to that type of committment.

Keep us updated.

nikki said...

awesome. i want to take kick boxing when my shoulder is all better.