Monday, October 09, 2006

Ode to Quinn

It started with a small desire,
to lose some ass or perhaps spare tire.

Some lady bloggers got together,
And vowed to workout in all weather.

The aim to lose while gaining health,
But the winner doesn't come into wealth!

Instead a simple accolade,
All losers to the winner made.

And while the rest of us didn't WIN,
We gather here to praise Mighty Quinn!

She walked and clocked on her pedometer,
So fast she grew, she could have used an anemometer (okay, I'm reaching here).

Her words and pictures kept us moving,
And all the while, she kept on grooving.

Inch by inch, Miss Quinn grew wise,
while inch by inch, her ass lost size.

And when she showed us what she had done,
We all agreed that she had won.

Congratulations, Quinn! You certainly earned our esteem and your smaller pants!!!!


quinn said...

OH my god!!!!! That is so amazingly fabulous ...sayre I love that entire poem ..damn that was super...
your good ...

Thanks so much you totally brought a smile to my face on a rather depressing day I have had.

Love it!!! wow. excellent.

nikki said...

wow, what a great ode! i love it. make me want to kick your ass in round 2!

Sayre said...

Ha! NOBODY'S gonna kick my ass in round 2! I'll be the one taking names!

S William said...

That was super :)

factor 10 said...

Sheesh...first Quinn and Sayre kick my ass at losing weight, then Sayre kicks my ass at poetry, too! (Okay, it would have been hard NOT to kick my ass at Poetry)

Congrats to you both! Sayre is gonna end up ruling us all with her new Karate moves!