Sunday, October 22, 2006


It's been a busy weekend so far. My son has been living on a broken down futon sofa for a bed and it was time to get a "real" bed. There will be before and after pictures, I promise.

As I was cleaning his room, I realized that the rug in there hadn't been cleaned (or vacummed for that matter) since before we moved in. So I pulled it out, along with every other rug we own and put them on the back porch. I cleaned them all with my carpet cleaner.
IMG_1249 IMG_0831

This is a picture of my carpets (post cleaning) and the side of my back deck. As you can see, it looks something like a tree fort and is surrounded by trees and bushes.

When I turned off my carpet cleaner, I heard the most amazing noise! Thousands of little bird voices singing. Seems that a flock of some kind of songbird landed in our trees and were singing along with the cleaner. All I could see was silhouettes so I have no idea what kind of birds they were. But it sounded lovely.

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Anonymous said...

your tree fort is just a replacement for getting closer to nature since you left the wilds behind.

Are you having a fall cleaning spree, luv?

I really need to mop all my floors but I keep waiting, hoping for the cleaning fairies to show up. As I am never alone at home it is rather aggravating to mop around 4 boys stomping in and around on a wet floor. It never fails they don't come down stairs until I start the floor then the parade begins.

Oh well....