Monday, November 27, 2006

Back to Normal Weird

I usually labor under the illusion that my life is fairly normal. I mean, other people have the same kinds of things happen to them, don't they? Their families are just as kooky, their jobs as odd, their kids as brilliant... They've done the same kind of things I've done, haven't they?

Apparently not. My cousin came to visit on Friday and we were talking about the general high school reunion (our school is having a birthday so if you went, you're invited). She wants to go since she's never been to any reunions and she wants me to go with her. I've been to two reunions (10 & 20) and I'm not sure I want to go to another. I was hoping that by the time the 20th rolled around, people would be a little more mature, more grown up, more accepting of their classmates for who they were and who they became. Instead, I found these people gravitating towards the same cliques and social groups they were in back when.

And back when... I was a freak. No - not the pot-smoking kind, but that's who I hung out with because they didn't care WHO you were, as long as you weren't a narc. In their care-less-ness, they were more accepting than any group in school. And I guess I was weird. I actually read books for fun. I made straight A's, except for that C in science once and a D in typing (ha ha ha!!! the teacher told me I'd never be an acceptable typist and now look at me!). I didn't have friends. There were people I hung out with - the outcasts. The oops-I'm-preggers girls, the dope smokers on freak hill. I was a brain, but a different kind than the National Merit Scholarship kind.

So you can understand my reluctance to subject myself to yet another round of reminders that I was "weird girl" in high school. But I'll probably go. My cousin is kind of shy and needs social backup for something like this. And let's face it - I'm still weird. At least this gathering has potential for some interesting names and faces. Faye Dunaway went to my high school. There were others I can't recall. It would be interesting to see who actually showed up!

And yes. I guess my life would be classified as a bit weird by most people - but for me, it's normal.


quinn said...

I am in the process of trying to arrange an evening get together of myself and 4 others people from my ....GRADE read that right....grade 5..more than 30 years ago.

And you know what....I dont think it is so much the clique thing they do on purpose the truth is ..those are the people they knew back those are the ones they seek out because they feel more secure with them....

I think you should go and have it up with any of the other "weird" people that tended to not exclude themselves from others..and have a good time.

p.s. your word verifications suck..they are always 17 freakin letters long and I always get them wrong ...hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Okay now its my turn. You may have seen yourself as wierd but I loved you all the same and found you to be quite normal.
Just because we weren't in the Archies club does not make us freaks. We didn't need those people to be who were.
And I agree with Quinn. Those people who group are trying to find something to relate to in a strange world from our past.

So tell me when is this wonderful event to be held?


S William said...

We are a weird family. And we love being different. While most families are driving soccer vans from game to game, and checking their schedule for an opening, we fly about on whims. We are outsiders, but have a blast.

And I was weird in high school. I had an earring. Now if you don't have your eyebrow, nipple, tongue, navel, and or genitals pierced, you are weird.