Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Stand in the Place Where You Live

Yesterday, I was sitting in traffic and talking on my cell phone to my mother. As I sat there, a youngish man (25-30 maybe?) crossed the road in front of me. He had long, shoulder-length hair and green hip length jacket and a backpack... and I couldn't take my eyes off him. I mentioned it to Mom because I couldn't figure out why. He wasn't strikingly handsome. He wasn't doing anything odd - or was he?

Actually he was. He was walking. Head high, chest out, shoulders back. Easy swing to his arms and a confident stride. Nice smile on his face. NO ipod. NO cell phone. NO thing in his ear. He was absolutely present in the moment.

And I realized that people rarely are, anymore. Always multi-tasking. Jogging and listening to podcasts; driving on the phone; walking with shoulders slouched as the news is delivered directly to your brain via earphones.

Sad, isn't it? To live your life and never notice? How about take five minutes today and just be where you are. See what's around you. Turn off the noise and listen. Let your mind roam around your environs and just be.

It might just become habit-forming. We can only hope.

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