Thursday, December 07, 2006

"Finally!" he huffed

It is done. The Christmas tree has now been bought, trimmed, hauled inside and been made to sit as straightly as possible (which isn't very). The lights have been strung, the ornaments hung, and the lights turned out for all to admire.

After much jumping up and down and childish haranguing, my son is thrilled to have the tree up!!! He promptly grabbed my camera and began taking pictures....

IMG_1374 IMG_1375

Our tree in the "peaceful" room, topped with an angel my boy made in kindergarden. How she's managed to survive two years is beyond me.

Along with all the excitement came the horrified realization that the tree and the fireplace were not in the same room. "...but Mom! How is Santa going to find where to leave presents????" Keep in mind, my son DOES know the nature of Santa, but the small child that still lives in him is ever hopeful... I told him that Santa has built-in tree radar. If there's a Christmas tree around, he'll find it. Z-boy was doubtful, but came up with his own solution:


Smart kid, huh?

And now, a little "then and now". One year ago, Yoda came to live with us.


My, how he's grown!



Liane Michel said...

Nice walls!!

S William said...

We both have an angel atop the tree :)

And nice walls...

Kevin Charnas said...

HHAA!! Great sign! Yep, smart kid. :)
Gorgeous angel!
and Yoda...very cool kitty.

Love your tree.