Monday, December 04, 2006

Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

Okay! The living room is painted, but I'm leaving the ceiling until after the holidays. The boys were in just too big a rush to get a tree for me to complete this project. HOWEVER! The room is really nice. Last night as I was putting furniture back where it belongs, my son came and sat down in one of the recliners and looked around with a half-smile on his face. And said, "Mommy? This is the most peaceful room I've ever been in."

Very high praise indeed - and most unexpected out of a 7 year old boy's mouth.

My husband was picking my son up from the bus stop and called to ask if it was tree time. Yes - it's time! So they went and got a tree while I wrapped up work.

When I got home, a perfectly lovely tree was sitting in a bucket in the carport. My husband came over and told me that Z-boy had picked out the tree himself. It was quite dried out, but Z-boy wanted it because "it looked like it needed someone to care about it and it needed a lot of love." So it sits in a bucket of sugar water rehydrating so it can come inside and be our Christmas tree.

They also spent most of the afternoon putting up more lights and candy canes in the front yard. Thank goodness my husband has the eyes of an artist because that mishmash of different decorations could have looked quite garish.


quinn said...

sounds like a good start to a new charlie brown christmas..enjoy

Anonymous said...

Pics! Pics! Let's see this peaceful room. Might give me some ideas for that mystical someday when I get my own house. :)

Anonymous said...

With all our boys getting older my husband and I have been remembering when the boys were youger and easier to shop for. A trip down the toy isles was so very easy. Now it seems as if everything and anything they want is almost unattainable.

I am sure your room is quite beautiful.
Especially after all the work you have put into it.


Mr. Fabulous said...

Don't be so hard on garish. Garish rocks!

Oh wait...I'm thinking of garnish.

I love parsley.

Jeff said...

As long as it a sincere tree. . . That Z boy!

S William said...

A seven year old called the room peaceful? Wow. I wouldn't expect that choice of adjective.

Do you have the candy canes that light up? We don't, but almost bought them this year.

Sayre said...

Quinn - my mom said the same thing... She said, "Charlie Brown LIVES!" and he's MY son!

Mel - pics are coming... we're still moving some odds and ends out.

Stef - Z-boy was EASY to shop for. Anything StarWars. We went overboard (again). He might actually wind up being cheaper as he grows up...

Mr. Fab - My mom ALWAYS eats the parsley!

Jeff - it's a beautiful sincere tree!

Steve - Actually, we gave in and bought two. My son arranged them to make a heart around Santa.

The front yard is still a work in progress. When they're finally finished, I'll post pics!