Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Second Day of Christmas (Sunday)

The second day of Christmas was Christmas Eve. Darling Man got up at 3am to start preparing the birds for dinner that night. He decided he wanted to try a goose. All his life he'd heard about the Christmas Goose, but never had one. Since we weren't sure everyone (including us) would like goose, we also cooked a turkey. He finished the preparations and put everything back in the fridge. I would do the actual cooking while he was at work, but that only involved putting the birds in, basting, and taking them back out.

Z-boy and I had a nice, quiet day. I cooked turkey and goose, did a little laundry, cleaned the house a little. Z-boy played "Bionicle Heroes" for hours, but since it was raining, that was fine. Darling Man wound up working 11 hours due to a problem at work, but eventually got home, packed up the birds and the boy and left for his parents' house. I packed up the presents and followed him. We almost always take two cars in case someone needs to leave early (work, grumpy child, dark) when the other wants to stay.

Darling Man and Sister-in-Law Cindi check out the goose. Much to our astonishment, it tasted like prime rib!

While that was going on in the kitchen, there was a knock at the door. We told a very excited Kylee to go answer the door, thinking it would be her cousin Kelly (back for the first time since leaving for the Air Force Academy). Instead, it was this young man, who walked right into the house. We all looked at each other and wondered who the heck he was... Did someone order pizza and not tell us????
Turns out he's a friend of Kelly's - and had just beaten her to the house. Luckily, Pop knew who he was... Then there was another knock at the door.

IMG_1530 Kelly and Kylee Rita
THIS time it was Kelly, greeted with a whooping hug by Kylee. She was followed in closely by her parents, Joe and Rita after 5 o'clock mass.

Interestingly, not only did my whole family come for Christmas this year, but the whole in-law family also came for Christmas. Darling Man's parents, both his brothers and their families. Actually a rather unique year in that regard.

Matt and Zach
Z-man and his cousin Matthew, looking somewhat bedraggled after running around in the rain.

Parents of Darling Man, Bubbe & Pop hosted the mob for Christmas Eve.

3 Schuetz
Pop and two grandsons (both from Darling Man)

Dinner was terrific! Rita brought spinach and artichoke casserole (mmmm...), Cindi made the sweet potatoes (mmmmm... again), there was green bean casserole, a gigantic salad, dressing from the birds (wild rice & pecans), rolls and I know I'm missing something...

It was all topped off by dessert - featuring individual cakes with everyone's name on them baked by Kylee! She is an excellent baker for a 5 year old!


Another lovely Christmas - with one more day to go!


Anonymous said...

Merry HO HO.....

Sorry I am behind in sending blessed wishes.

My computer had glitches.

Much love to be seen and felt by all.

Hugs to you and everyone.


Stepping Over the Junk said...

my chef (boyfriend, who is one) cooked me a goose for Christmas dinner and it was my first and I was suprised too at how dark it was! I love dark meat and it DID remind me of prime rib!! I am going to make a goose soup today!

Nikki said...

I hope you had an amazing Christmas...certainly sounds like it.

...and I've never had a Christmas goose either....will have to talk Charles into trying that one year.

Mama C said...

Our family Christmases lasted from Christmas Eve until last night. I think we had 5 Christmases this year. So glad all your family was able to come together during this special time.

Merry Christmas, Sayre!

Janet said...

Whew! For a minute there I thought you were going to go all the way up to 12. Now THAT would be a Christmas to remember!:)

Sayre said...

No - only three days (I haven't written about Christmas Day yet). Z-boy wants to know why we can't be Jewish so he can have 8 days!

jedimerc said...

8 days would rock :) I always liked week long festivals and such. Sounds like you had a great holiday.

Me said...

Happy New Year Sayre!!!

nikki said...

hey ken got bionicle too!
looks like a great day!

S William said...

That is one precious looking little girl. :)

Nienke said...

I can tell family is important to you. It's great to see such love in your post.
Hope you have a great new year's sayre!