Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Third Day of Christmas (Monday)

We were up late on Christmas Eve (see Second Day of Christmas), so of course we expected to be able to sleep in a bit on Christmas Day. Z-boy's stocking was placed on his bed - a trick my parents used to use to keep us in our rooms a little bit longer on Christmas Morning.... but it didn't work. 4am - Mom? Darling Man rolled out of bed and went to see about the Z, who was most definitely up. I managed a few more hours of sleep, but finally had to rise by popular demand.

Almost all the presents under the tree were for Z-boy, a couple for Darling Man - but none for me. Which is how I like it, actually. I GOT what I wanted already! My punching bag hangs out on the back deck and I visit it regularly. It makes me a saner person and lets me sleep at night. Still, Darling Man looked at me mournfully and apologized for not getting something to go under the tree. Don't worry, baby... my present will come later this year - in the form of a new wardrobe because the one I have is definitely headed for Goodwill as the pounds drop off of me! I have everything I want and need. The rest is just stuff.

We planned a very quiet, don't go anywhere Christmas Day. We had breakfast and played around a bit. Z-boy and I built two of his StarWars Lego sets (he got 4!).


IMG_1561 IMG_1562

He helped with Jabba's barge, then did the X-wing fighter himself.


Too many hours sitting on the floor later, Darling Man stumbled off to bed to try to catch up on some sleep. So Z-boy and I headed over to BIL's house to visit a bit more with the family that would be heading back to Coral Springs the next morning. Everyone was exhausted, falling asleep here and there around the house. The only exceptions to that was Z-boy and his cousin Matt, who spent the entire time running around playing various boy-games. It was well after dark by the time we left, but a plan had been made for the next day, when our niece Erika and her baby boy Orrin would be arriving for a short visit.

Orrin is 14 months old and we'd never seen him in person before. We all live within a day's drive, but somehow don't ever seem to make the drive except at holidays. At 14 months, Orrin is a good walker and definitely has his own ideas. Thwarted adventures led to numerous loud squawks, but overall he seems to be a pretty agreeable child.

IMG_1566 IMG_1570 IMG_1573

It was great to see them!

And with that, Christmas was over. I worked on Friday and will probably work some on Tuesday, but my son doesn't go back to school until Thursday, so there's still a lot of time to fill. I'm using it to get my house in order. We're weeding through clothes and discarding what doesn't fit or what hasn't been worn in a long time. There's drawer space in my husband's dresser!!!

I've already tackled my son's room - just have to move the desk into it. The clothes-weeding has taken care of much of the clutter in my room. So the next project? The spare/sewing/computer room! If you don't hear from me in a while, I'm either a) exhausted, b) busy cleaning and tossing, or c) trapped under something heavy.


S William said...

That lego stuff is waaay cool. My nephew is a Star Wars freak. I will have to send him the link.

Happy New Year to my favorite Sayre.

Oh, The Joys said...

Wow. I need one of those lego things.

Happy New Year Sayre - give kisses to your mom and dad from me too.

jedimerc said...

Sweet, Lego Star Wars stuff rocks :) (so do the lego SW games)

Happy New Year!