Sunday, January 14, 2007

Culture, don't 'cha know...

Yesterday, Z-boy and I spent a couple of hours at the college bowling alley. Immediately when you walk in the door, you're hit by the beerhall smell - which makes me think, "What a great place for a kid's birthday party!!!!" At least no one was smoking in there.

Actually, it was pretty nice once the beery smell was gotten used to. W-the Devil Child turned 6 yesterday and it was his party we went to. Z-boy tends to make everything he does aerobic - including bowling. He ran with the ball, then proceeded to fling the ball and himself down the alley. He was all red and sweaty by the time the pizza arrived! There were 6 kids in all, some of them pretty little. We had two lanes - one for the bigger kids and one for the little guys. The little guys were hysterical. They would walk up to the end, set the ball down, then push it and crouch down like they were lining up a golf shot and watch it meander all the way down and maybe knock down a pin or two. In the second hour, they stopped crouching and began LYING down on their bellies to watch... as if they were watching TV.

W's mom is one of those good-mommies who come prepared with plates and napkins and GOODIE BAGS! Z-boy made off with a bag of sidewalk chalk and a bunch of candy. This was really nice as we actually have a driveway now and not just a sandy path in from the dirt road. So this morning, Z-boy set to work. Here are the results:

IMG_1597 IMG_1596
Two stick-men from a dream last night and commentary on new cats.

IMG_1595 IMG_1598
He was singing the Weird Al song "Constipated" when he drew this... yes, it says "Hate" and "Constipated" above the "cheese 'round the clock". And I believe this is a picture of me landing on my head when he threw me last weekend - an "acsident".

Neighbors-from-Hell are having another party (is that their JOB???), but they are at least keeping it down. I believe I've made it pretty clear that my next move is calling the police. I just hope the screamer goes home at a reasonable hour.


nikki said...

i love the sidewalk chalk drawings! i always hate it when it rains and washes them away.

quinn said...

Ha I got a big kick out of reading the correct me if I am wrong..but to me it looks like word says HATE...another says..what I think is suppose to mean .accident....and the other looks like constipated....I have no clue where the thought process was at the time ..but ..feel free to clear up my view lol lol lol .

Sayre said...

Yes - you are reading them ALL correctly. Across the top of all of this are the words, "Art by Wird Zboy" - a tribute to Weird Al. I have been hearing "Constipated" and "Saga Begins" over and over for the last two weeks. Getting a little sick of them...