Friday, January 19, 2007


Yup... the bug has bitten my son - FLEA MARKETS!

We have a large one just south of town, and last weekend, my husband braved the crowds with my son and they actually came home with a few treasures, well, at least to us, without putting out more than 10 dollars.

The first two items were Yoda and Obi Wan Kenobi action figures from Star Wars. Yoda is an older version than the one we have now. And Obi Wan was meant as a replacement for the one we had, whose head is now living in our heating vents somewhere. We've had pin-head Obi Wan for a while, hoping his head would turn up but it never happened. So a replacement was found. This too, was an older version - and I swear that it's not Obi Wan's head but that of Commander Ryker from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Z-boy knows nothing from STNG though, so I'm keeping quiet.

They wandered around for quite a bit, then Z-boy insisted that they had to get something for me (he's so sweet...). Darling Man knew I would not want some bit of cheap crap, so they looked around and came up with this:


I was a bit dubious when they pulled this little gem out of the bag, but as Darling Man explained, they were trying to think of something that I would like, and since I have very dry skin in the winter, perhaps some soap with "Aloe Vera and Butter" would help. I was curious about the wording on the box and wondered what "... for your skin care in the original fashion" might mean but was also touched that they would think of that. Just in case you're wondering, no, the soap is not black. It's sort of a sage-y green and it actually DOES make my skin feel better!

There's also a farmer's market of sorts there, where my husband bought pomblanos (sp), habanero peppers, and the "best strawberries I've ever eaten". They might actually be able to drag me there this weekend...

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factor 10 said...

Shea Butter is marvelous stuff...sounds like the boys did good!

Oh, and I um, well, I tagged you for a meme!