Friday, January 12, 2007

Judging Books?

I didn't go to KenPo last night, but Z-boy and Darling Man did. Z-boy got to spar, which I wish I had seen, but I was stuck at work trying to get stuff done.

Darling Man had the same situation last night that I did on Tuesday - only two students. Himself and India Boy... trying to outdo each other in the warm-up callisthenics. Guess India Boy showed up on time (he was late when it was ME and him).

So because there were just two of them, the instructors were a little more chatty than they are when there's a whole class. It seems that there is running speculation about me. I think they had pegged me as someone who would walk away when it got hard because of my shape and my initial fitness. And are amazed that not only am I still here, but I'm still working hard. They've accepted that I'm there and will stay there and keep on working hard towards my goal (an eventual black belt).

So what was the speculation about? They were wondering what it is that I do for a living. They had all agreed that I was a nurse. Why? Do nurses LOOK a certain way? Do they behave a certain way? Darling Man couldn't tell me their reasoning, but did a little speculation of his own. Perhaps in their minds, nurses are the caring women. I obviously take care of Z-boy, but I also take care of other people in our class with encouragement and praise. They aren't afraid to hug me or ask questions. Does that equal "nurse"?

For the record - I am not a nurse. I work in television - public television to be a little more specific. The pay's not great but the rewards of working for the public good are great. So I guess I can see a little parallel there...

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