Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mommy Awards


Thanks, honey.

Last night, my son and I went to Ken Po. This, being the first full week back at school, he had homework, but he didn't bring it with him to do while I had MY class. He said he'd do it when we got home. He didn't. He said he would get up early and do it in the morning because he was "so exhausted from that hard workout." Guess what?

We had a little chat this morning about his being distracted by his toys, and that he needed to put them aside and get his homework done. Little chat quickly escalated in the face of his defiance to being dragged to his room and being given a couple of swats on the be-hind and being told to think about our little conversation because the repercussions could be bad.

I am not this kind of bad mom:


When I'm pissed, I'm THIS kind:


You wouldn't like me when I'm pissed.

I'd taken today off (comp day from working during the holidays) to take the cat to the vet (Z-boy let him out after being told not to), so I cancelled the appointment and now have the whole day on my hands. Guess what I'm doing?

Every homework "distraction" is being packed into a box for a week. If I get arguments, it will be two weeks.

He's been a real pill ever since Christmas and it is time for some TOUGH LOVE. Amazingly, my husband agrees.


nikki said...

man i hate having to resort to the butt swatting, but dude, sometimes that's the only thing that works! (and it makes me feel real guilty afterwards when aaron cries, don't spank me mommy!)

Liane Michel said...

Just remember, when you hear the words "you are the worst mom ever" that means you are doing something right!!! You are an excellent mom, Sarah, but i'm glad I'm not your son!!

Anonymous said...

Just say, "No, your Grandmother is--I know because I was THERE."
Stand your ground.
Love, Mom

Nikki said...

AHHH - girl, I know that feeling. I'm there right now.

Lauren has lost her Eazy Bake oven and she's all in a twist over it...she should've done her homework.

Hopefully, we'll ALL get this straightened out soon.